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Wrinkle Treatments

Let’s talk about wrinkles now. We’ve talked about treatment processes but let’s put the whole lot together.

When we’re treating wrinkles we’re often trying to do several things all at once.

  1. Relax the muscle that’s causing the wrinkle, like crow’s feet – and we do that with Botox;
  2. Take off the little surface line that’s become permanent because you’ve been squinting or frowning for years and years – and for that, the fractional CO2 Laser is superb. It often takes multiple treatments and there is down time with it; 3-4 days maybe, but quite reliable effective results with the Dot CO2 Laser;
  3. For Deep wrinkles use the fillers, like the Juvaderm we mentioned before which will lift the line;

Those three things alone, will deal with the vast majority of wrinkles.