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Skin Tightening Methods and Procedures

There are three ways to tighten skin, firstly tighten the surface skin (epidermis) e.g. DOT CO2 laser, or Sublative radiofrequency. Secondly one can tighten the deep skin (dermis) e.g. Venus heat massage. Thirdly under the skin (sub cutis) e.g. Venus or use of deep Juvederm fillers , such as Voluma-to lift the skin and thus tighten it.

Most skin tightening comes down to heating the skin to contract existing collagen, and stimulate new collagen. The snag is the ideal temperature is very close to ones pain threshold.

That is where recent advances such as the Venus, fractional CO2 laser (DOT) and Sublative come into their own.

Which approach is best for you depends on a number of factors, best assessed and discussed at consultation. Contact us to book your appointment today!