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New Year, New You!

After all the Hullaballoo of the Holidays, it is easy to feel a bit ” Blah” in the New Year.

However, it has long been recognized that taking care of your appearance, your “Look”, can lift your mood.

Indeed, there are many scientific papers detailing the anti-depressant qualities of Botox, for example.

As a Cosmetic Dermatologist with many years of experience, the following are some of the procedures I regularly perform, that lead to the widest smiles and biggest “Boosts”. I call them my “Home run lifts”-they work for everybody…..

  1. Botox…..for frown lines between the eyes, it works, period. Some put off doing it, not wanting to commit…..I say -“Just do it once”, the value will be self-evident.
  2. Botox….for excess perspiration in the underarms, it works….and is usually covered by Extended Medical plans.
  3. Lumps and Bumps….many people put up with all sorts of nuisance moles and skin tags, I can usually remove them quickly and painlessly in one visit. Once removed most clients are puzzled why they put it off for so long!
  4. Juvederm….for lips and wrinkles, not for everybody, but for the right candidates, another Home Run!

The New Year is a New Start, so do not put off sorting out your “Look”. Many simple, inexpensive procedures can give you quite a lift.

From February 1st I will be offering free after work cosmetic consultations at my Fairfield Skin Clinic, Thursdays 3 to 6 pm.

See you there!