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Why Medical, Surgical and COSMETIC Dermatology at DrSkinLaser Clinics?

Well, it is simply a matter of ethics, and the inadequate funding of Government Dermatology services in BC.

The same sun exposure that causes man y of the cosmetic aspects of skin ageing also causes skin cancer.

So a physician performing cosmetic skin procedures needs to be on the lookout for early skin cancer or pre-cancer. Studies have shown that properly trained “real” dermatologists are the best at skin cancer screening. So as a fully qualified dermatologist interested in cosmetic skin care – it would be unethical for me not to screen for and treat skin cancer at the same time.

The extra funds that the cosmetic side of DrSkinlaser Clinics generates also subsidises the currently underfunded BC Government dermatology services.

Astonishingly, a recent Vancouver Sun editorial (also published in most major Island newspapers – eg. The Times Colonist, Nanaimo Daily News etc.) accused a Vancouver Island Dermatologist of using BC Government funds to build cosmetic skin clinics on Vancouver Island!

The term “beauty parlours” was even used!

Well, a superb Clinic can certainly be beautiful, but there is little beauty in the many skin cancers that such clinics detect!

So, the truth is the exact opposite to the defamatory allegations by the Vancouver Sun. DrSkinlaser opened his first clinic in Nanaimo in 2001. For the first 10 years this operated from the cramped and barely adequate corner of a large GP Clinic. It was only after 1O:r years of cosmetic revenue that DrSkinlaser was able to open a brand new, state-of-the-art clinic at the top of Rutherford Road in Nanaimo.

Come and see it for yourself! It is second to none, and NO GOVERNMENT MONEY was used in its construction.



Attention: Minister of Health The Honourable Terry Lake

Message: “Please Fix BC Dermatology Now – see” – and cc your MLA

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Reprinted from WWW.NANAIMOMAGAZINE.CA, January 2014