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Herbal Dermatology at Fairfield Skin Clinic

Herbs and plants have been used effectively in medicine for thousands of years in many different cultures and countries across the world. Many modern Western medicines, now refined or synthetically manufactured, started off being used in their natural herbal form. Sometimes subjecting a long established medicinal plant to rigorous modern scientific analysis to achieve FDA/Health Canada approval, can be counter-productive.

For example Australian Aborigines have been using a certain plant to treat skin conditions for hundreds, probably thousands of years. This plant extract has now received FDA/Health Canada approval as a prescription cream after years of expensive tests and trials. Unfortunately the end result is that this cream costs over $500….for just enough to treat your nose, once!

Using herbs, plants, minerals, vitamins in their raw state, must be done with caution and appropriate supervision.

However there are a number of herbal and natural preparations available to treat many common skin conditions. Eczema, Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Acne and Skin Cancer prevention/treatment can be managed with these products.

We are pleased to soon be offering this service at Fairfield Skin Clinic, with the security of knowing that a fully qualified specialist Dermatologist is available to help and guide you in skin disorder diagnosis and treatment – both natural/herbal/vitamin/mineral and phototherapy… well as conventional treatment.

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