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Dermatology in BC- Facts & Figures

As of 2012


Dermatologists have the highest Average Age (57.0) of any specialty in BC (2010) (CMA-LMA Data Set) 50% of Dermatologists are over 57 years of age. (2010-11)

Over 25% (27%) of Dermatologists are over 65 years of age. (2010-11)


There presently is a shortage of 19 Dermatologists in BC (with 59 doing FFS dermatology now). UBC Dermatology Residency Program graduating about 3 residents per year.

The UBC Dermatology Residency Program has had 78 residents since inception in 1968 (until 2011). Over one-third (27) of these left BC.


The UBC Department of Dermatology has trained 55 fellows since inception in 1991(until 2011). Over 98% (54) of these left BC.


Fortunately BC has gained 13 Dermatologists from elsewhere since 1986. One has since moved away and one died the year after he arrived. Since 1986 two Dermatologists have given up fee-for-service Dermatology for Cosmetic Dermatology and one Dermatologist has moved on to administration and research. Ten Dermatologists have begun to do a significant amount of Clinical Drug Trials to augment their income. This takes away from their fee for  service work.


BC has 1.09 FTE Dermatologists per 100,000 population, well below the Canadian average (1.43). (2008/09).


Alberta (1.34), Ontario (1.4), Quebec (1.97), & Newfoundland (2.37) all have a higher rate than  BC.


The waiting time for a new patient to see a dermatologist in BC averages of 3.3 months (mean of 2.75 months and range from 2 weeks to 10 months) (mid-June 2009). This is excessively long and compares poorly to the average of 1 month across the United States which is felt to be excessive, and reflective of low manpower.


Dermatology has the 2nd highest overhead expenses (45%) (for clinical specialties).