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Age Well with “Tweakments”

With modern medical technology, and twenty years experience in Cosmetic Dermatology, I can often promise that turning the skin age clock back five to ten years is quite possible.


However, not everyone wants to commit to the time, downtime, and expense that this requires.


Furthermore, many prefer to “wear their wrinkles etc , with pride”, and why not?


Hardened “Wrinkle Priders” that may not want to undergo a five year “U turn” with their face, may consider “tapping the brakes a bit”, to slow down the ageing process.


So “Tweakments”, are small treatments designed to slow down visible signs of ageing.


Operating a “Less is More” philosophy, smaller doses of Botox, Juvederm and Lasers are used to avoid an unnatural appearance, no “frozen faces”, no “sausage lips”.


This approach is also less expensive…..”Less is Less”!


Another bonus to this gentle Tweaking, is that you can always add a little more Tweakment every month or so. This helps spread out the cost over several months, and because the miracle of modern skin rejuvenation is happening at a slower pace, even your best friends may not guess why you are looking so great!


In addition, we now have so many laser and skin rejuvenation energy devices at DrSkinlaser,  at least ten now. We try to focus on discussing in detail only two devices on each visit.


So having smaller, more subtle regular “Tweakments”, enables us to explain treatment options better, with less potential for confusion.


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