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About Dr. Julian Hancock – Dr. Skin Laser

I am a medical dermatologist and a cosmetic dermatologist; I do both, so when I’m looking at your skin I’m not just looking at the lines, wrinkles & sunspots I’m also looking for skin cancer; I’m also looking to help you with your acne and any other issues that you have; including rosacea.

We believe in providing a full service within our office.

I have 2 clinics; 1 in Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island which I’ve had for 10 years. It’s a beautiful new clinic, state of the art; my second clinic is located in Victoria, BC.

All facilities are excellent and I think you’ll enjoy seeing glimpses of them through the course of studying this website.

I started my career 30 years ago training in medical school in London, England at Guys Hospital, right by London Bridge.

I’ve always had a passion for medicine; it started probably when I had troubles with asthma as a child & the doctor used to come and visit. I was always fascinated by what the doctor did; how he checked me over & seemed to understand & reassure.

Then I fell out of a tree when I was 11 years old & broke my wrist and I was amazed because the doctor sent me out to have an X-ray which I thought was fascinating. He then came out to my house and actually plastered my arm in the kitchen; I’ll never forget all this.

He asked my mom for a bucket and he applied the plaster. I’d been up all night with a throbbing painful arm and as soon as the plaster was on it was comfortable. I was so impressed, I decided then that’s what I wanted to do with my life; do the same sort of thing, if I had the chance to.

I went to Guys Medical school in London, England UK and they have a very strong dermatology program there; so strong, that in my firm (as they call it), or class, of 8 students six of us became dermatologists because of the inspiration of our teacher.

He was so stimulating and dermatology has always fascinated me because it’s so visual; you see the results. It’s also one of the last corners of medicine where there is what I call “real medicine”, clinical medicine, where you look at the problem; analyze it with your eyes. You’re not forever writing lab tests and sending people off to have fancy scans here, there and everywhere. You look with your eyes, listen with your ears, touch with your fingers and you figure out what is wrong with the patient, and that is fascinating and satisfying.

I’ve enjoyed doing medical dermatology & I’ve enjoyed moving into cosmetic dermatology. The two are very much linked; when I’m looking at a patient from the cosmetic point of view, I’m also looking for skin cancers and other problems I can fix. I sometimes describe regular medicine a little bit like trying to keep an old car running; you’re forever patching it up; fixing it up, cosmetic medicine/dermatology is like taking a car and restoring it to concours condition. The satisfaction is completely different; a different sensation. I like doing both; I like fixing people up who’ve got a problem, but I like taking people and just putting a smile back on their face. People who are tired of the way they look & how it’s affecting their life, job, relationships and helping them get back on their feet again.

I see a lot of patients who have either been bereaved, divorced or they’ve lost their job & they’ve lost confidence. A lot of their confidence is derived from when they look at themselves in the mirror; a lot of people like to think cosmetic stuff is superficial & skin deep – it’s not! It goes right into our core, into our psyche. I’ll give you an example: teenagers with acne. It’s been shown conclusively that acne in teenagers can ruin their life & ruin their development. If you fix their acne they do much better in school, socially and later on in life. And that’s just acne! If you think about all the other things in life that can affect our appearance, like wrinkles & sun damage then you get the gist of why I get so turned on by dermatology.

We can do all sorts of things to your skin to improve your appearance. Now-a-days, with modern technology it’s not difficult to make people who are 50, look 5 or even 10 years younger. I do it every day!

The modern treatments are safe, effective and often you’ll see the results before you even walk out of the clinic.

The technology has improved enormously in the last few years and I’ve kept careful pace with the technology; not rushing to the front for the new stuff, but only going with the stuff that’s been proven to be stable, safe and good for the long term.

So we can offer you Juvaderm to fill the wrinkles, Botox to relax lines due to muscle action also lasers to help improve the skin surface and colour.

Our Rosacea laser will reduce redness, our state-of-the-art dot Co2 fractional resurfacing laser, is marvellous at smoothing the skin out.

We often use treatments in combinations. For example, Juvaderm will lift a deep wrinkle from the inside out, while the Co2 resurfacing laser will smooth the fine wrinkle that’s left from the outside in. And the real secret of good skin rejuvenation is blending these processes and knowing how to do it safely and predictably.