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Meet the Doctor at Dr. Skin Laser

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With over 30 years of experience Dr. Julian Hancock started his medical training in London, England at Guys Hospital.

Dr. Hancock is a medical dermatologist and a cosmetic dermatologist and when he inspects your skin he is not just looking at the lines, wrinkles & sunspots he also checks for skin cancer. He can also assist patients with their acne and any other issues that they may have.

Currently there are 2 Dr.Skin Laser Clinics. One in Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island, which has been in operation for 10 years, and one in Victoria, the capital of beautiful British Columbia!

A member of the Royal Society of Medicine, London, UK.



Why Choose Dr. Hancock

Great Infrastructure

Superb modern purpose built Clinic on Rutherford Rd-on top of the hill. First class facilities are essential to good skin care.

Medical & Cosmetic Dermatologist

All clients are seen by Dermatologist Dr Julian Hancock, many people are offering cosmetic skin services-only a few are fully certified Dermatologists.

DrSkinlaser Team

Longstanding dedicated staff, Our office manager and head laser therapist will soon have worked in the DrSkinlaser team for 10 years!

Advanced Medical Facilities

State of the art medical equipment, regularly upgraded and maintained to give you the best results. Our lasers are second to none-and we know when, and how, to use them.

Educational Seminars

Regular educational seminars where you can learn about the very latest advances in cosmetic skin care. Commencing 2014 we are introducing monthly “tea parties”, over 45 minutes relax with a cuppa and a cupcake and learn the latest in cosmetic skin care.

Personalized Care

Dr Hancock has been a physician for over 35yrs and offers Cosmetic, Medical, and Surgical Dermatology services. The sun that gave you wrinkles, may also have given you skin cancer or pre-cancerous lesions. Multiple studies have demonstrated that a real Dermatologist is the best at detecting, and treating such lesions.

DrHancock will always check a mole or skin lesion that concerns you, or him!

Magic Bullets In Cosmetic Dermatology


Start your rejuvenation today!

Generally  there are  few ‘Magic Bullets’ in Cosmetic Dermatology and generally treatments are combined to maximize results. However, there are a few exceptions!






The Dr. Skinlaser Experience

Dr. Hancock graduated from Guy’s Hospital, London in 1978. He received post-graduate diplomas in Ob Gyn, Child Heath, Anesthesia and General Practice before specializing in Dermatology, gaining his FRCP(C) from UBC in 1996. Dr.Hancock has developed a successful cosmetic dermatology practice over the last 10 years. He is dedicated to enhancing quality of preventing skin cancer through the use of photodynamic therapy.

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Cosmetic Procedures and Dermatological Services

    • Botox and Juvederm
    • Hydrafacials
    • Mole Surgery
    • Leg Vein Sclerotherapy

Lasers and Light for:

  • Rosacea
  • Hair Removal
  • Wrinkle Reduction and Skin Tightening
  • Acne
  • Skin Cancer
  • Co2 Laser Resurfacing
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Experience & Results

Dr.Hancock excels at gentle, natural looking rejuvenation. The key is having a wide range of effective options- Including Botox, Fillers, Light and Lasers and knowing how to skillfully blend them for great results.

We can do all sorts of things to your skin to improve your appearance. Now-a-days, with modern technology it’s not difficult to make people who are 50, look 5 or even 10 years younger. I do it every day!

The modern treatments are safe, effective and often you’ll see the results before you even walk out of the clinic.

The technology has improved enormously in the last few years and I’ve kept careful pace with the technology; not rushing to the front for the new stuff, but only going with the stuff that’s been proven to be stable, safe and good for the long term.

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In addition to medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology, Dr. Hancock also offers the latest in medispa technology. New European-tested technology can improve stubborn problems, such as cellulite and body contouring issues. Contact us for a complimentary consultation with out medical Aestheticians.

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