Acne Treatments

Acne can hit anybody, at any age. Whenever we think of acne, we think of teenagers. We know that the teen age psyche, the teen age outlook on life can be severely affected by acne.

I have a friend who’s teen age son, went from being and outgoing, lively, vivacious boy to being withdrawn, solitary, sitting playing video games because his face had turned into pizza and any mother who’s had a child with acne will understand that process.

We fixed his acne; the problem is now his mother doesn’t see enough of him! He’s out playing with his friends and his mother’s worried sick about what he’s getting up to! Well, you can’t win ALL the way around sometimes.

Acne is definitively fixable. Your best bet is to see a dermatologist. I have just about every worthwhile treatment in North America in my office. It may be you only need a cream, or it may be you need some Accutane, or it may be that you can’t DO Accutane and you need laser or you need a light treatment. Again, see somebody who has all the options and has the expertise to know what to use and when.