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Community Events Supported By Dr. Hancock and the staff at the Skin Laser Clinic

It’s important for any professional to be involved in his community and there are various levels at which we can be involved.

I like to do cosmetic dermatology but I like to do medical dermatology as well because it is a service to the community, particularly in the areas mentioned – Rosacea, Acne & Skin cancer.

These are 3 areas where early intervention can make a big difference to people’s lives but outside of medicine I like to be involved in activities in the community as well.

This season we’re sponsoring Ballet BC, one of Canada’s premier, foremost ballet companies and we’ll be sponsoring a performance this November in Vancouver and we’re sponsoring various other events through the winter.

In the past I’ve sponsored various events at the Port Theatre including Cinderella – another ballet production; and a wonderful production of Dracula by the Royal Winnipeg Ballet & several others which, for the moment, escape me. I have the ballet posters with all the dancers’ signatures on them in my office.

We enjoy being involved with the community. I have lectured to a local residents association; I have a particular interest in a ship. The ship was built about a hundred yards from where I used to live in England before I came to Canada, and that same ship was the 1st ship to load coal in Nanaimo. It was one of the first Hudson Bay Company ships, used before the Beaver. Everyone’s heard of the Beaver; no one’s heard of the Cadboro.

The Cadboro is my little pet passion. If I get a chance to lecture about the Cadboro, I’m away! I have copies of the ships log from the Hudson Bay Company archives in Winnipeg and it has some great lines in it; like, I found the page for Christmas day when they were sailing the ship out from England around Cape Horn up to Canada; it was the only way to go then. The line said on Christmas day the Captain had comically written in the log… “Not much work done today…” Another splendid entry was as the ship was going around Cape Horn “large wave broke bow today…” so you know, wonderful history that’s behind who we are, whether we’re in Nanaimo or West Vancouver.

A lot of history surrounds us and I’m quite fascinated by history, as well as skin – and the future of your skin.

Dr. Julian Hancock has recently participated in an interview with Shaw TV regarding a severe shortage of Dermatologists on Vancouver Island. Please click here to see the YouTube video!